Excerpt from Vote Vampire

Vote for Chaos, not Evil...

An angry-looking voter waylaid Flaxen as he strolled along.

"What are you going to do about my house?" he demanded, belligerently. "Every time there's a dust storm, my bedroom fills with grey sand. I've tried sealing spells, but I think the cavity insulation has magic resistance. And the landlord is a holding company on the Elemental Plane of Air. They're no good. If you're Mayor, what are you going to do about it?"

Several others in the crowd fell silent and turned expectantly to Flaxen, awaiting his answer.

Flaxen had been listening with an expression of benevolent concern. Sapphire realised that she had adopted the same look herself when seeking support in the election at school, prior to making some outlandish and barely credible promise.

"My friend," smiled Flaxen, facing the angry man and putting a hand on his shoulder, "I solemnly pledge that I will do absolutely nothing. I will do as little as it takes. I am the candidate for Chaos. No way will I help you!"

Sapphire gasped. It was not the response she had expected. Why had Flaxen gone out of his way to antagonise the voter, in front of a crowd of people? To her surprise, the angry man's face broke into a warm smile.

"That's more like it!" cried the man. "I put the same problem to Mercedes and she made all sorts of promises. We don't need that Lawful stuff here in Carceron. We don't want promises here!"

"Yeah, vote for Chaos, not Evil!" shouted someone from the back of the crowd.