Excerpt from Vote Vampire

A High turnout election...

“We’ll need to keep an eye on the demons,” added Sapphire. “See what they’re up to. And Mercedes, try and find out what sneaky schemes she’s pulling.”

“All that – and more,” put in Pumpkin. “Above all, we need a plan for how we’re going to mobilise large numbers of votes. And what magic is needed to do it. What’s the population of Carceron, Flaxen? Demons and people, all combined.”

Flaxen pondered. “Perhaps as much as fifty thousand in all,” he said. “It’s not a large city, but densely populated.”

“And how many votes get cast at an election?” asked Pumpkin, thinking that even with a high turnout it should be straightforward to mobilise a majority.

Flaxen smiled. “For an election like this where both sides are really motivated? I should think - several million votes. As I said, you vote as often as you can at election time.”