Vote Vampire

Vote Vampire

Available on the 28th September, 2023

Imagine an election in which you're allowed to do absolutely anything to win.

Welcome to Carceron, City of Chaos.

Far away in another dimension is demon-worshipping tourist city Carceron, whose success is suddenly under threat.

The city’s Archmayor has been murdered after 150 years in office. The frontrunner in the election to replace him is the terrifying vampire, Mercedes.

The traders of Carceron desperately need a candidate powerful enough to beat her – and survive. But is Flaxen the old sorcerer up for the challenge?

And how do three teenagers from our world get dragged in as Flaxen’s campaign team?

In a magical city without laws, this will be the dirtiest, most chaotic election ever.

Available as a Paperback